Kandie D. Smith




North Carolina’s Constitution says that the State Legislature has an obligation to appropriately fund education in our state. Right now, the current leadership of the NC General Assembly is failing to meet this critical obligation, and it is our students who will pay the long-term price. 

Education is a broad topic, covering more detailed issues like teacher pay and retention, school facility upgrades, and student acheivement to name just a few. In my view, providing a sound education is the single greatest responsiblity of our modern state government, and we as elected officials must be committed to ensuring that our education system not only has “enough,” but that it has adequate resources and support to allow all students in all counties to learn, grow, and thrive. 

And here’s the thing, we in the State of NC are blessed to have the adequate support and resources to provide a world class education to the children of our state, the problem is, our current state leadership just doesn’t think education is a worthwhile investment. I wholeheartedly disagree with that assemsement, and I will continue to do everything in my power to stand up for students, parents, and teachers of our state, and fight to secure the resources they need to do their jobs right.  

Affordable Housing

Housing is one of the basic human needs, and we have too many people in our community who have been forced out of their housing due to little more than greed.

In Pitt County, 50% of renters report having trouble affording their home, and in Edgecombe County, that number is 40%.

We need to drastically increase the supply of available housing locally and across the state, and we must work to provide greater assistance to those most at risk of losing their homes.

Jobs and Economic Development

Looking to the future, few things are as important as making sure Eastern North Carolina is on a continued path of job growth and economic development.

We must continue to work with local leaders to develop a flexible and dependable economic development policy that attracts new business to the area while retaining and growing existing businesses. 

We must also strengthen our Community College system to adapt to new industry trends to ensure a dependable and prepared workforce to fill the in-demand jobs of the future.

Medicaid Expansion

I fully support passing Medicaid Expansion, and doing it as soon as possible.

For far too long our area has missed out on the overwhelming and clear benefits that Medicaid Expansion would bring to our community. There are countless reasons why Medicaid Expansion would be beneficial, touching everything from economic development, to jobs, to healthcare and even education.

Locally, Medicaid Expansion means thousands of new jobs for residents of Pitt and Edgecombe Counties, and tens of thousands of newly insured individuals, particularly individuals in historically underserved rural areas, who would suddenly be able to receive treatment for their health concerns.

Expanding Medicaid is the right thing to do no matter which way you look at it, and the majority of North Carolinians agree - It's time to expand Medicaid now.

Mental Health

Mental Health is one of the most pressing issues facing Americans across all age groups, and unfortunately, one of the most neglected.

We need to do better when it comes to both identifying and treating mental health. Our current system is fragmented, which has caused unnecessary barriers to people accessing the best available treatment.

We need to create a system that is less burdened by payment policies which have created disparities in access to appropriate care. We must also work to eliminate the systemic barriers to preventative treatments and recovery services that plagued countless people in our community.


I do not believe the government has any right or say in what a woman can do with her own body.

Any persons ability to seek and receive an abortion is an intensely personal decision, one that should be made by them, and not a group of politicians in Raleigh.

I will always fight abortion restrictions and any effort to control women’s bodies.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our Criminal Justice system is in serious need of reform. Our current system disproportionately affects the poor and minorities. We must reform our mandatory sentencing laws at both the federal and state levels, end mass incarceration, implement transparency and openness policies with police body cameras, and help those who were formerly incarcerated to re-enter society through initiatives that reduce barriers to employment.

Climate Change and the Environment 

I have proudly been endorsed by groups like the Sierra Club and the North Carolina League of Conservation Voters because I understand that addressing the climate crisis will take some serious dedication and a lot of tireless work.

I believe in science, and in our state, the very real results of the climate crisis are not hard to see, from the increasingly devastating impacts of hurricanes and flooding, to the levels of PFAS in drinking water throughout the state.

There are some great things going on as well, like the fact that NC is a climate leader when it comes to solar energy. I believe that if we continue to invest in green infrastructure, and if we prioritize the environmental health and safety of our communities by holding polluters accountable and reinvesting that money in the communities affected, we can take meaningful steps to address the climate crisis using the power and resources we have available right now.

NC’s Budget Surplus

Past events show us that having a surplus can be a real benefit in times of crisis, but it is critical that we do not safeguard a massive budget surplus at the expense of the day-to-day job of state government.

A rainy day fund is a great thing to have, but it makes no sense to maintain a rainy day fund at historically high levels while our roads and bridges crumble and our students sit in schools that are outdated and underfunded.


Elected officials must commit to working together, and being accountable to the people who elected them first and foremost. I believe that too many issues in our state government today are being decided by partisanship rather than out of genuine concern for the people.

This is why I made the theme of my entire campaign "People First" - I believe that an elected official's primary job is to put the people of their district first, and serve in their interest and on behalf of their wishes. I think if more elected officials were willing to put people first, partisanship wouldn't be as extreme as it is right now.